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Noninvasive Body Contouring

The most popular methods for noninvasively affecting body contours (i.e., without surgery, needle punctures, requirements for general anesthesia) involve targeting fat cells with either reduced temperature (cryolipolysis) or, more recently, increased temperature (thermolipolysis). The success of these technologies is based on the fact that as adults, we all have a finite number of fat cells. Fat cells are more sensitive to extremes in temperature than adjacent muscle tissue, nerves and skin. Destroying up to 25% of these cells by either selective cooling (CoolSculpting by Allergan) or selective heating (WarmSculpting using SculpSure by Cynosure) can achieve a permanent reduction in fat cell volume in those areas that are often difficult to reduce through diet and exercise.

The Confident Body has had the opportunity to evaluate both CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting with regard to a number of parameters including patient comfort, time of treatment, cost, and success in achieving desired outcomes. CoolSculpting vs. WarmSculpting: Both body contouring methods are cleared by the FDA and have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. Both rely on clearance of the disrupted fat cells by the lymphatic system and ultimate elimination from the body as waste. Results for both treatments appear over 8 to 16 weeks.

WarmSulpting with SculpSure has several advantages over CoolSculpting: COST: WarmSculpting produces similar outcomes to those achieved by CoolSculpting, but at a more affordable cost per treatment session. TREATMENT AREAS: WarmSculpting can treat up to 4 different areas using flat applicators, in variable configurations. CoolSculpting is limited to one configuration and one treatment area at a time, defined by the special applicator that applies suction to the squeezable fat that is targeted for the reduced temperature treatment. Thus, comprehensive body contouring with CoolSculpting is a more extensive, more expensive and more time consuming process compared to achieving total body transformation with WarmSculpting. TIME OF TREATMENT: The advanced technology utilized by WarmSculpting allows for shorter treatment times compared to CoolSculpting. With up to 4 treatment areas completed in 25 minutes, WarmSculpting can achieve each session in approximately half the time it takes for CoolSculpting to complete a single treat at 45-60 minutes.

SIDE EFFECTS: The flat applicators used by WarmSculpting do not require suction, unlike CoolSculpting which requires a suction mechanism to draw the selected treatment area up into the specialized applicator. The absence of this required suction with the WarmSculpting applicators eliminates the major side effects that characterize CoolSculpting treatments: tenderness, redness, bruising and swelling at the treatment site.

PAIN: Flat applicators also help reduce discomfort of treatments to a minimum with WarmSculpting. During each treatment, heating is cyclical, with each cycle followed by a cooling phase. Cycle parameters can be tailored to each patient. This is in contrast to CoolSculpting treatments which can be painful for many patients as the suction is applied, as the extremely low temperature is applied, and immediately after each session when the required vigorous massage is applied to the treated area.

DOWNTIME AND RECOVERY: CoolSculpting is a more vigorous technology for treating stubborn fat deposits, hence requiring a longer recovery period than WarmSculpting. Specifically, side effects from CoolSculpting can persist for up to two weeks following the fat freezing procedures. WarmSculpting treatments, by comparison, require no recovery or downtime, most patients returning immediately to their normal activities after these laser fat reduction sessions.